Parent School Communications

Parents are a child’s first and most important educators. The school cultivates a close relationship with parents so that we can work in partnership for the good of all pupils. We keep parents/carers informed by regularly communicating with them in various ways.

A newsletter is sent to parents regularly. This is the school’s main means of informing parents of what is happening at the school and future events.

Home/school liaison
These are sent home five times a year. They inform parents about the child’s effort, behaviour and co-operation in the class and around the school. They are usually very complimentary of the pupils and are a reassurance to many. However they can indicate the beginning of a behaviour problem so that parents can act quickly to help resolve the matter.

Classroom door/Playground
If parents have a short message to give or need a brief word with the teacher they are always welcome to do so by talking to the teacher before school starts or at the end of the day. If, however, a longer discussion is required, it is essential that parents arrange an appointment with the teacher at a mutually convenient time. Please note, teachers have a staff meeting every Tuesday and cannot offer you any time after school on that day.

Notice boards
There is an information board in the Nursery for messages and there is another with more general information in the main reception area. Many teachers post notices on their windows to inform you about how you can support your child at home, what sound is being practised that week, what the targets for the term are or asking for help and/or resources.

Curriculum newsletters
At the beginning of each term, Phase Managers send out letters informing parents/ carers of the areas of the curriculum that are to be worked on throughout the term

Parents’ evenings
There are regular parents’ meetings to discuss in detail each child’s progress to date. A letter is sent home two weeks before so that parents can book a convenient time. The school provides a crèche for those evenings. This is supervised by one member of staff and parent volunteers.  

Annual reports
An annual report of achievement is sent to all parents at the end of each school year. It details the child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum over the year and contains a comment on personal and social development. It also includes a self- assessment by the child, in the infant and junior departments, and a comment from the Headteacher.
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