Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governing Body of William Byrd School has approved in general the following of the Borough Guidelines for Charging for School Activities.

School Activities come under two headings: Outside School Hours and During School Hours.

At William Byrd School the school hours are:

8.50 a.m. – 12.15 p.m. and

1.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m. (Early Years and Infants)

1.15 p.m. - 3.20 p.m. (Juniors)

A non-residential activity is deemed to take place outside school hours if 50% or more of the whole time spent on the activity occurs outside school hours.

In the case of a residential activity, if less than 50% of the half days taken up by the activity are school sessions, the activity is deemed to have taken place outside school hours.

All off-site activities organised by the school are During School Hours, but all Clubs take place Outside School Hours.

Trips/Journeys/Other Activities

Residential School Journeys:

It is the Policy of the LEA that a parent in receipt of a Invalidity Benefit should be remitted in full by the school for any charges for Board and Lodging. The costs involved are to be met from the school’s delegated budget.

This is in addition to the statutory requirement to remit in full any charges for Board and Lodging for children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Family Credit.

It is the Policy of William Byrd School to include the following in the initial letter to parents regarding a residential trip.

“Under the terms of the 1988 Education Act, which contains a section on charging for school activities, the cost of board and lodging for a trip of this kind is an obligatory charge to parents, except to parents in receipt of Income Support, Family Credit or Invalidity Benefit.

The school cannot make a mandatory charge for the remaining costs, such as travel and tuition, but can ask parents to meet those costs by means of a voluntary contribution. The practicality of this situation, however, is that if any parents feel they would take advantage of their rights, and so not pay the voluntary contribution, the school would have to fund the cost.

As obviously we have not the financial means at our disposal to do this for everyone, this would result in the cancellation of the journey. However parents in receipt of the above benefits may contact the school regarding help towards the cost of board and lodging”.

The Governing Body will make a decision on whether or not the trip should proceed based on numbers eligible to claim financial assistance, before any money is received from parents, and will then approve the vireing of the money from the contingency fund.

Income and expenditure for these activities are put through the school’s budget.

Non-Residential Journeys/Theatre Visits/Other Activities:

It is the Policy of William Byrd School that payments from parents for off-site activities are always voluntary contributions but parents should be informed that shortage of contributions will result in the cancellation of the activity.

Income and expenditure for these activities are put through the private fund.

Damage to School Property

It is the Policy of William Byrd School that in the event of a child damaging or losing school property or equipment, the cost of any replacement or repair should be recovered from the parent.

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