Every 6 weeks our pupils are given assessments to enable our teachers to make a reliable judgement about how much our pupils have understood their subjects. The regular assessments provide our pupils with the opportunity to measure their individual progress and learning. In addition, it encourages our pupils to analyse their performance and ascertain where improvement can be made. 

At William Byrd School we use the assessment criteria of Rising Stars who provide a rigorous Progression Framework for the teacher to follow. This framework has been written for the new curriculum and is used for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (known as SPAG), Reading, Mathematics, Topic and Science.

Our teachers are able to use these assessments to identify specific gaps in their class so that extra support may be given where needed. We believe that it is through these regular assessments that our pupils become fully prepared for the official SATS test, which year 2 and year 6 take. 

If you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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